9 of the best moustache styles this Movember

It’s November, which means only one thing in the wet shaving community – it’s Movember! Time to don that Moustache & be charitable by supporting UK charity the Movember Foundation. So, you have decided to take part, but what we hear you cry, is the best moustache style to go for? 

Here at Agent Shave are our 9 of the best moustache styles this Movember:

The Artist 

A sophisticated staple, easy to achieve. Think Parisian street artist, a wispy mo – grab your moustache wax & give those ends a good curl!

Parisian Moustache | Agent Shave

The Trucker 

Grab that takeaway & go all out with a horseshoe style tash, keep it thick on the top lip & bring it straight on each side to your chin. If you are feeling ambitious, dye it blond Hulk Hogan style! Looks like a goatee with the bottom shaved off.

The Pencil

Grow it thin, keep it trimmed neatly so it forms a thin line, as if it had been drawn by a pencil. Make sure you leave a gap between the moustache and the nose. Straight out of a 40s film, Clark Gable & Errol Flynn had this one mastered.

Pencil Moustache | Agent Shave

Rock Star

Over the years rock & pop legends have ‘rocked’ the moustache, from Freddie Mercury to The Beatles. Let it grow thick & out on the cheeks for extra stardom!

The Walrus 

If you can grow, give this one a go! Usually this one can take up to 5 months as the hair is left to overhang the top lip, hence the term walrus.

Walrus Moustache | Agent Shave

The Magnum

This mo means business. No Movember would be the same without a Tom Selleck Magnum Pi Mo. A classic 1980s full & thick moustache across the top lip.

The Dali 

Inspired by famous painter Salvador Dali, the most absurd of moustaches. Grow your mo thin & neat on the top lip and using moustache wax flick the ends skyward!

Dali Moustache | Agent Shave

The Handlebar 

A style for those that have time! This is the epitome of manliness. Definition is the key here, a thick moustache that is twisted and styled out past the ends of the lips resembling the handlebars of a motorbike

Handlebar Moustache | Agent Shave

The Zorro 

Think Antonio Banderas! Make this cheeky Mo work for you by giving yourself a gap in the middle, almost like eyebrows and making the ends pointy. Then leave a little triangle just under the lower lip for extra Zorro effect!

Zorro Moustache | Agent Shave