Christmas Shaving Soap

Christmas Shaving Soap

Nothing quite says Christmas like having that epic shave that sends your senses into overdrive! There is something comforting about shaving with scents that evoke warm Christmassy feeling. 

What scents do you think of when you think of Christmas? Pine, Cinnamon or Spice, Oranges, Smoke? Well, coming to Agent Shave this week we bring you two Christmas seasonal specials; Frankincense from Wickham Soap Co and Borealis from Phoenix and Beau as well as a few others from our usual range that would make the perfect Christmas shave!

Frankincense - Wickham Soap Co 1912

Wickham Frankincense Shaving Soap | Agent Shave

Frankincense is a spicy, aromatic shaving soap for wise men! Often called the “king” Frankincense promotes feeling of overall wellness. A mystical blend of rich elements, Frankincense reduces stress and stimulates the senses with its balsamic, woody notes. Top notes of Citrus, heart notes of warm spice, base notes of wood and earth. Available now in shaving soapaftershave balm and face soap.

Borealis - Phoenix and Beau

Phoenix and Beau Seasonal Shaving Soap - Borealis | Agent Shave

Borealis is like returning from a winters walk in the woods. The scent of the forest still lingers about you but is soon embraced by warmer notes from the home. A beautiful and festive accord that opens with Siberian fir and Scotch pine, they merge with relaxing notes of frankincense. Tangerine introduces a layer of citrus brightness and is accompanied by a hint of star anise and allspice. Borealis has the perfect touch of Christmas! This seasonal soap from Phoenix and Beau is in stock now.

Spice Road - OSP

OSP Spice Road Shaving Soap & Aftershave Splash |  Agent Shave

A core soap from OSPSpice Road is perfect for cosy evenings in front of the fire! A pungent blend of spices coupled with a good dash of sandalwood brings back memories from decades ago. 

Pine-o-mite - Wolfpac

Wolfpac Shaving Soap | Agent Shave

Pine-o-mite will ignite your shave! With notes of Pine, Juniper Berry and Bergamot, Pine-o-mite is a woody and fresh scent from Wolfpac

We hope you enjoy your Christmas shave as much as we do and we agents love to see your shave of the day posts on social media - give us a tag & we will share!