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The Faena range of products is sourced direct from the Artisan manufacturers based on the idyllic Island of Lesvos. They source and use as many local ingredients as possible and aim to produce their products in an environmentally friendly way. Starting by producing products which were only used by family and friends, the business has expanded due to increased demand. The overall philosophy of this family business is to combine the natural abundance and prosperity of Lesvos, with the local traditions and methods, in order to meet the need for superior high quality products.The range of Shaving Soaps is offered in three different formulas: Premium Shaving Soap – Crafted with great care these soaps contain coconut oil and stearic, offering deep facial cleaning and creation of a rich and creamy lather. Kaolin or bentonite clay provide the smoothness of glide and Glycerin and Shea butter offer conditioning and skin protection. Premium Shaving Soap with Lanolin – The same natural ingredients go into this soap as the Premium range but with the addition of Lanolin – an excellent conditioning agent beneficial to skincare. Faena Shaving Soap with Tallow and Lanolin – The richness and glide provided by the tallow and lanolin shaving soap is incomparable, it facilitates an exceptional shave and leaves behind a skin conditioning layer without the need to utilise an aftershave.

Fresh notes of mint and and sweet Mastic Tree

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