Obsessive Soap Perfectionist

OSP Shaving Cream 70g - 1882 (original Fougere)

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OSP 1882 Shaving Cream

The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist 1882 Shaving Cream is an ode to the original Fougere created in exactly that year. Sharp lemon top notes are lifted with a lavender mid and oak moss base, sweetened with a hint of tonka. This is as close to an old school Fougere as you are likely to get! OSP shaving creams are sure to leave your skin feeling nurtured, cared for and smelling incredible.

Scent Profile: Fougere

Size: 70g

The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist - OSP

James Riley is the man behind The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist (OSP). In his mid-twenties he became interested in traditional wet shaving, noticing this was a far better way to shave. In 2015 a shaving cream base was created with an emphasis on 100% natural ingredients that are as raw and unrefined as possible.

Every shaving product is hand made from scratch to all EU regulations to ensure complete quality control. 

We strongly recommend that the following be adhered to when using your OSP products:
• Store all products in a cool, dark and dry environment.
• Ensure all lids are tightly sealed.
• Where possible, make sure no moisture can ingress into the product

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Manicdee 18th Mar 2018

OSP Shaving Cream 70g - 1882 Fougere

OSP Shaving Cream 70g - 1882, A sumptuous fougere cream bursting with lemon, lavender, oak-moss and sweet tonka. A little dab into the cream with a brush and it lathers up incredibly quickly and abundantly. Into a very thick, slick, well cushioned mass of fragrant fougere.
Agentshave provided a wonderful first class service and updated me regularly on my order.
Which arrived safely, thanks to their thorough packaging and included a few extra gifts.
Which I would like to say "Thank you, Uncle" and I would recommend Agentshave.co.uk to everyone.

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