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OSP Shaving Soap 140g - Bay Rum

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Obsessive Soap Perfectionist OSP use 100% natural ingredients which are as raw, organic and unrefined as possible with absolutely NO chemicals.  James, the founder of OSP was unhappy with the quality of the offerings available on the market and so as a hobby started making shaving soap rather than tinkering with motorbikes.  OSP was born in 2015 and now in addition to the excellent Shaving Soaps, offers Shaving Creams and Aftershave Tonics.  A truly lovely product, which ever you choose!

A classic Bay Rum scent with spicy bay, clove with a subtle dash of citrus.


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1 Review

11th Dec 2017

One of the best

This is one of the best bay rum shaving soaps with a top notch performance. Strong (the way I like it) perfume, good lather, glide and post-shave feel. The truth being told, you just can't go wrong with any of the OSP soaps.

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