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Phoenix & Beau Seasonal Shaving Soap - Borealis

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Borealis is the winter and Christmas offering from Phoenix & Beau.  It has a fresh and yet warm profile of star anise, siberian fir, tangerine, allspice, frankincense and scotch pine.

Borealis is like returning from a winters walk in the woods. The scent of the forest still lingers about you but is soon embraced by warmer notes from the home. A beautiful and festive accord that opens with Siberian fir and Scotch pine, they merge with relaxing notes of frankincense. Tangerine introduces a layer of citrus brightness and is accompanied by a hint of star anise and allspice. Borealis has a certain touch of Christmas about it.

Please note we consider Borealis to be of a medium scent strength.

Made in Hitchin, England and supplied in a 4oz plastic tub.


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