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Phoenix & Beau Seasonal Shaving Soap - Denali

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Fantastic, creepingly cold and sensory juddering. Denali opens with notes of peppermint and is quickly followed by a combination of stimulating mentha piperita derived menthol crystals, and the clean, fresh scent of blue gum eucalyptus and white camphor. 

Phoenix & Beau, Denali is a mentholated soap and as such will have a significant cooling effect on the skin. By agreeing to buy this soap you are accepting full responsibility and indemnify us and Phoenix and Beau from any unwanted effects, e.g. acute sensitization that it might cause or complaint thereof.

Please note: By introducing menthol crystals to the base soap formula we note that the lathers plasticity increases and as such you might wish to use a touch more water. Also, we have found that warm to hot water works best for lather building. If you're feeling particularly brave why not enjoy a shave where the only warm water you use is to build your lather. Cold water passes and a post shave splash will accentuate the freeze many fold!

In terms of scent strength we place Denali towards the lighter side of middle.

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1 Review

24th Nov 2017


A very chilled menthol that takes you to the heart of winter. The scent is slight but pleasant. The only reason this soap gets 4* and not 5* is the performance suffers due to the menthol making it a little stickier than the standard formula. This is a chemical problem that you can’t avoid if you want menthol, and the post shave is still great. I used the whole tub up and had a lot of good shaves though, so worth a dive.

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