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Phoenix & Beau Shaving Soap - Pall Mall

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Pall Mall is Phoenix & Beau's take on the traditional Barbershop scent with layers of lemon, neroli, petigrain, bergamot, lavender and oakmoss.

The soaps from Phoenix and Beau have been embraced by the shaving community as a great Artisan product. Subtle but striking scents handmade by Kerry and Sarah in Hitchin.  This is a range of soaps that you simply must try!

In terms of scent strength we place Pall Mall towards the lighter side of middle. 

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2 Reviews

stephan 11th Dec 2017

Good stuff

Perfuming plays a major part in my wet shaving routine besides performance. this one ticks both boxes so I had to buy again to stock up.

Stephan 18th Aug 2017

one of a kind

First class package, service and delivery. Excellent soap, as expected, with a refined fragrance, in close resemblance with Penhaligon's BB (at least to my nose). A definite buy again.

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