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Phoenix & Beau Shaving Soap - Sandskrit

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The shaving soaps from Phoenix and Beau have been embraced by the shaving community as a great artisan product. Subtle but striking scents handmade by Kerry and Sarah in Hitchin.  This is a range of soaps that you simply must try!

Sanskrit is a subtle and complex oriental spice scent that evolves as you build your lather and shave with each pass. It offers a rich, spicy and warming experience. The top notes are a blend of citrus oils which include lemongrass, mandarin, lime, litsea cubeba (a lemon like citrus scent) and orange. Warmth and spice follow on in the middle notes and include clove bud, cardamom, black pepper and the light touch of geranium. The base notes were chosen to give the scent some "bottom" and include, patchouli, benzoin (a warm vanilla type scent) and sandalwood.

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1 Review

24th Nov 2017

Stunning scent!

This is one of my go to soaps that always smells incesible and performes like magic. I guess at some level this matches with old spice, but this is way nicer on every level! The cardamom really takes it to another level, and the post shave feel is awesome. Just buy it!

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