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Phoenix & Beau Shaving Soap - Spitfire

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The soaps from Pheonix & Beau have been embraced by the shaving community as a great UK artisan product. Subtle but striking scents handmade by Kerry and Sarah in Hitchin.  This is a range of soaps that you simply must try!

Spitfire has been made in memory of the designers Grandfather, who was a World War II veteran of North Africa and Italy.  Spitfire has the sweet crispness of juniper blended with the freshness of bergamot, woodiness of cedarwood and laid all three on to a base of warming leather and rich tobacco.  In terms of scent strength Spitfire is a moderately bold scent that we place in the middle of our olfactory strength range. 

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4 Reviews

10th Aug 2017

P&B Spitfire really lives up to it's reputation, a first class soap

Two reviews in one, seller and product. Seller: Pleased I was redirected to this website, had what I wanted in stock, free and fast shipping which is very important to me but most of all the presentation once you open the box, the four soaps nicely wrapped in tissue paper, the business card and envelope, it's these little touches that matter and will definitely order from here again, now to the product, after reading and viewing reviews, thought it was time to try it out and am so glad I did, love the design on the lid, the scent is fabulous, addictive even, the lather is created so easily and the slickness and post shave feel is exactly what people have said, you can pick pot the scents and they all compliment each other, looking forward to using soon in my rotation, if not sooner, if you haven't tried it, do, you really won't regret it, nice that it's made in England to.

10th Jul 2017

Phoenix & Beau Shaving Soap - Spitfire

First off how is 'Agent shave' to deal with. Well............good, no problem placing my order, I received it promptly and It was well packaged (I will have no issues about ordering from them again). Now for the product itself, Scent: Upon first opening the tub I would personally say the overriding scent from this soap was the tobacco, followed closely by the leather and then only a hint of the Juniper (It is worth noting that although the tobacco is strong, it does not resemble cigarettes in the slightest, more like how you remember cigars used to smell when you were young, if that makes any sense) this combination did not seem to change during the lather or application either (I face lather). Lather: This soap is a performer, it loaded easily but was not so soft that you end up overloading. I did not have to overthink it or try varying amounts of water, it just worked first time (appears to be very forgiving). It did not dry out my skin or on my skin which a lot of soaps do (I used a pre-shave oil most of the time but with this it was not necessary) and it gives excellent slickness and cushioning. Overall: Very good product, can't wait for it's turn to be used to come round again

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