Top 10 Shaving Brushes for Christmas

The shaving brush. A must have gift for any traditional wet shaver, but which shaving brush would you put on your Christmas wish list? We pick our top 10 Shaving Brushes to suit all budgets this Christmas:

Badger Shaving Brushes

1. The Emperor £94.99

Simpsons Emperor Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

The ultimate shaving brush! The Simpsons Emperor shaving brush is presented using Super Badger; a long hair with a creamy white tip. Super badger hair is graded and sorted to such a degree that its performance is far superior than that of 'best' badger. 

2. The Commodore £56.99

Simpsons The Commodore Shaving Brush X3 | Agent Shave

One of Simpsons most popular shaving brushes, The Commodore is a Best Badger shaving brush. A densely filled shaving brush that will produce an exceptional lather. This is the largest size at 105mm.

3.  Vulfix 660S Medium £32.99

             Vulfix 660S Super Badger Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

The Vulfix Super Badger shaving brush will give it's user many years of service. The hair is chosen for it's unique water retention properties, this being the medium size.

4. Wee Scott £28.49

Simpsons Wee Scott Shaving Brush

The Wee Scott is the smallest shaving brush made by SImpsons. Presented using Best Badger hair, this shaving brush is small but perfectly formed, stamped with the founders signature.

5. Edwin Jagger Pure Badger £21

Edwin Jagger Badger Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

Edwin Jagger is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of shaving products, the quality of their shaving brushes and razors is unsurpassed. The Pure Badger shaving brush is set in an imitation ivory handle. Buy the matching safety razorstand and shaving bowl for the ultimate Christmas gift!

Synthetic & Bristle Shaving Brushes

6. Edwin Jagger Black Synthetic Shaving Brush £17

Edwin Jagger Black Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

For shavers that prefer a more stiffer feel to their shaving brush, synthetic is a great option. This Black Edwin Jagger shaving brush provides both excellent value for money and style - what more could you want! Matching safety razorstand and shaving bowl also available.

7. Vulfix Number 10 £10.99

Vulfix No 10 Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

The Vulfix Bristle collection of brushes is manufactured by hair taken from Hogs, providing a stiffer feel to the brush. The No 10 shaving brush is a blend of both badger and bristle hair. A beautiful ivory coloured brush.

8. Vulfix No 9 £8.99

Vulfix No 9 Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

Although a pure bristle shaving brush, the Vulfix No 9 has been made to look like it is constructed of badger hair. A great value shaving brush that would make a perfect stocking filler!

9. Vulfix No 6 £5.99

Vulfix No 6 Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

The Vulfix No 6 Bristle Brush has a sleek black moulded handle with bleached hair. With a stiffer feel to this brush it is excellent for lathering hard shaving soap.

10. Vulfix VS1 £5.99

Vulfix VS1 Shaving Brush | Agent Shave

One of the best value shaving brushes you can buy this Christmas is the Vulfix VS1. A cream moulded handle with bristle hair in a light colouring. The perfect gift for a wet shaver if you are on a budget.