Undercover with Faena

As part of our 'undercover' series, agents dropbox was alerted and off to Greece we went. The mission? Report on traditional shaving brand Faena.

Who is Faena?

Faena is a small family workshop. It was founded 5 years ago, by Fokion Theodorou, a US university graduate, who left behind the busy corporate life in Boston and returned to his homeland island, Lesvos, in Greece. 

The island is rich of olive groves, offering one of the best and most celebrated olive oils in Greece and Europe, as well as a plethora of herbs, growing wild in Lesvos nature. Fokion sought such precious ingredients from his island to create new products with higher added value. That is how the Faena body soaps with local organic olive oil were created. A year later, Faena expanded its business in the men care and shaving products, currently its integral business, a market that places significant importance to high quality, natural ingredients, such as the ones used by Faena.

Fokion Theodorou also runs a 4-star hotel in the Lesvos, utilizing the same concepts that he uses in Faena, of immersing guests in the rich environment of Lesvos (extensive traditional breakfast, participation in natural activities and festivals, local cuisine, traditional architecture). He also loves to read, travel and collect shaving products, old books and perfumes.

Breakfast is early in the morning with his wife and young daughter. A cup of strong Greek coffee, some orange juice, along with some homemade orange marmalade or local honey on bread and some honey lukumades provide enough energy to start a busy day.

Traditional Wet Shaving

Fokion was introduced to traditional wet shaving as an idea by a close friend, who is an avid wet shaver. He suggested that though the wet shaving community in Greece is in infant stage, it is very strong abroad, and it matches the ideas by Faena, which is to share experiences, in our case, the superb, Greek and Lesvian experience.

Faena the Goddess

Faena aims is to provide excellent products that tend to the face and body. The luminosity and aroma of a clean face or body, integral to Faena products, are depicted in Faena's logo. Faena was an ancient Greek goddess, one of the 6 "charites", embossing ancient Greek fertility, beauty, graciousness, fame and wisdom. Faena symbolized beauty and luminosity.

The perfect shaving soap & lather

Fokions favorite scents are tobacco-vanille and pergamot, he uses them daily in either his shaving soap, eau de perfume, or aftershave. I love the sweet and strong scent of tobacco vanille in winter and pergamot brings him back memories of his childhood in the village, surrounded by citrus trees. Leather and marjoram are scents that he has been experimenting with but not used so far.

Faena soaps may require some more water. Agents observed that to achieve perfect lather, put soap bowl upside down, turn medium wet brush till the watery lather disappears and then turn bowl around and turn brush some more, till thick lather is created. 

Coming Soon to Faena

Faena will make 4 distinct seasonal Limited Edition shaving soaps in 2018. The Winter Shaving Soap being the first, with only 30 numbered soaps made. Another very special LE soap will also come out, to celebrate Fokions second child, expected this April. There will also be a Summer and Autumn Edition.