Undercover with RazoRock

We want you to love the shaving brands we stock at Agent Shave! Each month we are heading undercover so we can get to know the people behind the brands & how their shaving journies started....this month, agents have been on a mission to Canada to meet RazoRock!

Who is RazoRock?

Th owners of RazoRock are Michael and Joseph, They are Uncle and Nephew and it is a family business. They have primary resistance in Toronto, Canada but spend a lot of time in Italy.  When undercover we always want to know about breakfast.....My wife makes a really good avocado toast, that's probably my favorite breakfast; always with a very short espresso.

So, how did the name RazoRock come about? Our first product was an alum aftershave stick, it was an alum "rock" used after shaving with a "razor", hence "razorock!" 

When & why did you start traditional shaving?

I started traditional wet shaving in 2008, my wife bought my a Merkur 34C for Valentine's day. What started as a hobby and passion for resurrecting the lost art of shaving, quickly turned into business.

At RazoRock we work with many different artisans in Italy, USA and Canada. The shaving soaps are made by 3 different artisan shops. The youngest is 3 generations old.

What is your favourite RazoRock shaving soap?

That a tough question, it really depends on my mood, the weather, where I am shaving, etc. If I was forced to pick one, possibly RazoRock Santa Maria del Fiore, it's at Tabacco Toscano scent.  I would love to make a true English pipe tobacco scent.

What is your secret to achieving the perfect lather from your shaving soaps?

The Key is to load enough soap. When people make a lather that is lacking, it's because they don't have enough soap. Load for 10-15 seconds longer than you think you should, then adjust the mix with droplets of water if necessary.

Coming soon to RazoRock....

If you haven't tried our RazoRock "The Best Deodorant on Earth!" I HIGHLY recommend it. I can't tell you how many emails I receive telling me that product changed a life. It's the only deodorant in my household and everybody loves it! We are launching a few CNC machined razor in a month or two called the RazoRock Game Changer... this razor along with the RazoRock Mamba are definitely changing the razor world. The best tolerances in the business and build quality that will last lifetimes. 

We would like to Thank RazoRock for taking the time to let us into their world. RazoRock shaving soaps and aftershave splashes now available at Agent Shave!