Treet Carbon Steel 'Black Beauty' Safety Razor Blades

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These Treet double edge safety razor blades are known in the shaving community as Black Beauty. Made of Carbon Steel.

Comes in tucks of 10. 

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5 Reviews

Steed 13th Mar 2019

Black Beauty

To quote Daniel Craig in Skyfall "Well, I like to do some things the old-fashioned way.” Using double edged razor blades is to say the old fashioned way and these Treet blades in my mind, how can I put it, works a 'Treet'. They're smooth and can be used in any razor but great in a razor with a larger blade gap. So if you have a couple of days stubble which may call for a more aggressive razor you don't feel you're going to cut yourself to ribbons. Which is a good thing, Thumbs up.

Christopher Morley 18th Jan 2019

Treet Carbon Steel DE Blades

Known as "Black Beauties" I have recently tried one of these and I can honestly say I am so impressed that I have another Six packs on the way. Give them a try like I did, and you will get a shock !!

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